Mark Colley-Professional Yachtsman
Troon, Scotland.
“With his excellent book “Health Made Simple” Robb Wallace has drawn on long forgotten truths about how to eat well and care for your body and mind. This book is full of well written common sense advice for anyone looking to make an investment in their future health.”


Helen Malmsio-Entrepreneur, Writer.
Central Goldfields, Victoria Australia

“a good solid book, great content, well done!”


Craig Mills

“The most straightforward and comprehensive self help resource I have came across. The best compliment I can pay this book is that I read this book as seemingly a last resort when life wasn’t so great, this book taught me things that have given me the tools I need to create positivity, happiness and prosperity in all aspects of life. Highly recommended.”




“This book is fantastic, in depth, informative and intelligently written. It stands alone amongst other examples of what could be called “new age, health, self help” literature. It has been so well researched and written in a no nonsense, common sense approach. It starts with dietary and exercise basics through to Taoist principles, energy healing, chakra balancing and an introduction to qui gong techniques. Its written and prepared to suit all age brackets and the authors good intentions and passion is evident throughout.
Really enjoyed this book and it is a definitive “go to” guide for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.”


Greg Andrew

“Purchased Health Made Simple for me and my wife to try out something different after the Christmas festivities. i have found it very easy to follow and particularly enjoy the dietary information. HMS is a great book for anyone wanting to get there Mind, Body and soul in to check at any time of the year.”



Pen Name

“Health Made Simple gives the reader an interesting insight to the connection between a healthy mind & a healthy body. An excellent, worth while read for anyone who wants their eyes & mind opened to simple & effective ways of taking responsibility for their own mental & physical well being.”



“It does exactly what it says on the tin! It’s broken down into easy to manage chapters that give clear and precise information to the reader! This really is Health made simple!”


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